I have designed and taught the following courses:

Soc 185S: Theories of the Global City

Syllabus Soc 185S_Theories of the Global City

I have been the teaching assistant for the following courses:

Soc 1: Introduction to Sociology

Soc 130ME: Development and Social Change in the Middle East

Soc 134F: The Future of Globalization

Soc 122GI: Global Inequalities

Soc 156A: Women, Culture, and Development

Soc 138G/Global 124: Global Conflict

Soc 130SG: Sociology of Globalization

Soc 108ST: Conducting Research Interviews

Soc 185A: Development of Sociological Thought

Soc 153: Women and Work

Soc 185G: Gender, Sports, and Embodiment




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